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Originally Posted by Turbeam View Post
That is very interesting. In that case providing that enough torque is kept on the axle, the rotating weight that is responsible for lock-up in the forward direction must continue to hold the hook end of the big mass and prevent it from being able to move outwards under increasing centriufugal force at speeds above the normal 25mph cut-off speed?

If the big mass was able to move outwards the diff would disengage, so the back-cut on the hook and rotating weight must then keep them held together....
this is what i keep saying ... Look at the angle of the contact plane with respect to the direction of action (pawl arc when weight swings out) and that of the rotating flyweights - The thing is not designed to "disengage" until the wheel that initially had traction has less traction than the one that initially slipped (engaging the lock-up). The pawl does not govern the disengagement, it only governs the engagement.

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