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Hi. I have modified a G80 locker by cutting 100% of weight.Job done as shown in this thread But my flyweight was smaller,the car is 940 from 1996 (different locker? weaker?).After no more than 100km the flyweight has been smashed into small pieces! It happens with normal, easy drive.After I removed cover the flyweight and the shaft were disintegrated. I really don't know whats happen?What went wrong? Or maybe this locker was just to weak? I deicided to weld it but I still want to have a limited diff so I'm looking for it. I found Gripper LSD locker but it's really expensive. So the question is: does anybody know is it possible to swap LSD diff from any other car without any difficult mods? Any suggest welcome.Thx
I did a bunch of research on this, and the general consensus is that a Dana 30 LSD from trucks like Ford Ranger's and Ford Aerostar vans, etc., SHOULD be a bolt-in. Haven't ever confirmed it though.
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