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Default Mr.Borrie's 960 16V Turbo

On my local Volvo Club this car popped up, The add said Volvo 960 Turbo i looked at the photos and great looking car in the photo's like most cars look good in pictures. Found the picture of the engine and confirmed the 16V turbo engine.

The last time i saw one up for sale was the 740 that Flip21 bought, i had first pick on the car but did not had the resources to pick it up so let it fly. That was many years ago and never i saw a 16V turbo again till now.

I picked up the phone and called the guy to tell him it was sold, i could pick it up the next weekend without any hand money. My plan was to pick the car up and brake the car in my garage, that way nobody would have to know i was about to buy car Nr8.

Got my dad into the scheme to pick the car up 2,5 hour driving from my house, not telling the girlfriend or my mother since they will likely explode and call hoarders on my ass.

Not expecting to much of the car we arrived at the place, he guy has another 960 and a 740 in great condition, the 960 turbo was on the driveway.

I was shocked to see this car.. it was in perfect condition. great tires, no dents or scratches looking inside i saw a mint interior, rollo on the backwindow and 8 speaker system.

I rang the door and they guy opened up and gave me the keys, it came with all the 3 keys, garage key and glove lock key and 3 transmitters. i went inside and i just came to realize how mint this car was.. i could not spot anything that was only slightly off.

Popped the hood and found a great looking 16V turbo engine.. then the guy started telling all the stuff he had been done, replaced the nivomats, replaced all the hoses, when there was a wierd sound he would let the Volvo dealer check it, the trunk was filled with spare parts in Volvo dealer bags. He even had the A/C renewed last year.

Pretty confused by all this goodness i went for a little testdrive, i kicked it to 30000RPM and i was called to a halt, i needed to drive it slowly and let it heat up, he told me he never really liked the manual box and the ride become too much of a circus attraction when you went fast.

I had enough of this i told him i want the car and we could transfer the papers (so i could drive it like i wanted) driving home i got to unleas the craziness of this engine.

200+ chasing a new 911 Porsche is no problem for this 1500KG monster .. I got flashbacks to my yought when i was driving White Rice, the boost, the noise.. It has been missed more then i thought.

So that's the story how i got #8 , i dont see myself parting this car any time soon .. its a clean crazy ride..

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