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Default 1990 240 GLT from the land of potato

Here's mine 240 GLT. It's been living its life with the first owner for the first 23 years in France, but last year things have changed: my friend bought it to drive it a few months while he was finishing his B230FT project. Found it on french craigslist, flew to France, after swapping some mechanical stuff that caused problems he drove it back to Poland without any problems. After hearing this story I was quite sure that this is the car I'm looking for ;)

I have been riding the 240 Diesel from 1991 for last three years, but got sick of its slowness. Had no intention to make it a Turbodiesel, and some rust issues showed up, so it had to go. But it was a nice ride, I've made 50kkms without major problems, learned a lot. Here it is:

Back to the GLT: it's been made in 1990, so despite of the GLT badge it's quite poorly equipped: B230F + M47, electric front windows, leather interior, tach, heated seats. But among these there's one quite unique feature - the Nivomat rear suspension. The shocks are made by Monroe, and are operated with the simple tyre-like valve and a small pressure gauge, both located under the hood. Of course after 24 years the shocks are completely dead, but somehow I've managed to find a brand new set (hopefully I'll be recieving it in a few weeks).

Previous owner installed the VX3 cam and the difference is In nearby future it should be completed with the 531 cam. If this won't bring enough joy I'll be trying to find some more horsepower though some other mods, but I'm not planning to +T it. If it's going to be a quicker brick, then only through OEM mods and keeping it N/A.

But the most brilliant thing about this particular 240 is the 99% lack of rust. After inspecting its entirety I've found only 2 small spots - and they're quite easy to heal. This is a rare gem in Poland, as most 20+ cars are affected by the road salt used every winter.

I have some extras laying in the closet, but not enough time to install them: front Bosch fog lights, third brake light, armrest with cupholders (black, i need to have it redone in tan leather). I'm looking for some more stuff like the US blinkers or extra gauges (econometer!).

Hope you like it
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