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I have successfully made it to my first oil change in the volvo! Exciting! The oil was a little dark, but really ive never owned a car with less than 120k miles so, I'd say it looked good. Didn't lose/burn any, so that's good!

The way my oil drain line goes, from the kinugawa oil drain to the yoshifab drain, it rubs right against my oil filter. With the relocator arm, oil cooler lines, then oil filter it really pushes my oil drain line more at a horizontal than a vertical. I will have to get pictures and post. I need to look into a better solution for this, I'm not sure if it will cause problems, as I have not had any that I know of...but I would like it to not be as squished ad it is now.

I had my fuel pump relay fail while sitting in the parking lot at work. Nice suprise, car started, ran for 3 seconds, died and never started again. I took apart the relay to find nothing out of the I pushed and tapped on sonethings and put it back. It worked! I started the 60 mile trip home and about halfway it cuts out. The car dies, in messing with the tabs on the relay and I hear the fp turn on. Soooo, I put a pair of sunglasses in between the tabs to keep it on while I made it home

I also, contacted sbabbs on here and got some lh2.4 turbo chips for my ezk and fuel. Well, I can say I had a very difficult time. First, I blame myself for rushing through things and not paying close enough attention. I ended up putting the chips in flipped around. So the geound pins were on the opposite side of the board. Frying my fuel would start when I swapped it back, but not hot. Put the old stock chip back in and started fine hot and cold. I also broke the legs off some pins of the ezk chip. So after sbabbs saw my no start thread, he very generously shipped me multiple replacements free of charge! ( I of course paid for them as I messed them up) but what a great guy.

I cant believe I didn't take a picture of my ezk....I had it out 15 times during this whole process.
But after the new chips were successfully installed and working. I love them, smoother acceleration, more power in my seat, and my favorite, no fuel cut :D

I also got some "new headlights" from my bro!

Got my wideband installed real happy to see ehats happening when I stomp it.
Plus, I need welding lessons. I had to pay 60 bucks for an o2 bung to be welded into my downpipe.

(Old o2 to fill the hole)

Tapped into my heated seats (that don't work)

Theres my ghettoness...for now, plus my ultra brite boost gauge! When I get the a pillar pod, I will wire it up to my dimmer knob.

New ngk copper sparks plugs! ALWAYS check your stuff before leaving autozone...I bought a box of four. When to change them the next day and only had 3. Bummer.
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