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Let's see if I can add anything to the discussion that might help get you into your dream car.

Here's a link to one in Miami that I shared in the orphan thread. The asking price is $8900. You can at least plot that in your spreadsheet.

I can't give you much insight beyond what the other members have provided, but maybe this will help... experience has taught me that these older Volvos are really valuable to those of us who love them, BUT they are kind of worthless to many other people. For example, I'm in Central FL, and last year a 242GT popped up on the Orlando facebook marketplace for $3K. It sat there for two months before the price dropped to $2500. I saw that ad for another month at that price. I bet in Portland that thing would have sold in a minute.

It's not the same, but the other day a running 145 popped up in the Jacksonville facebook marketplace. The asking price was $1500. After a week the ad said "free to good home." A few months ago, a 245 popped up on the Space Coast craigslist for $800. It dropped to $700 to $500 to $350. When my current 145 appeared on craigslist, I waited a week before calling. When I went to look, the guy said I was the only one to call. I passed on it. A month later he called me and said, "you're the only call I got. Make an offer." Again, the wagons don't exactly compare to the shorties, but boxy Volvos are only sexy to us insiders.

If you can wait until summer break, maybe you could score your dream car by scanning craigslist and facebook in towns where the demographics tend not to appreciate Swedish steel.

Best of luck! Be patient. Post updates when you find your car.
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