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To expand on what nel621 is suggesting, used one of those eBay fused lighter sockets wired directly to the battery. Then, on the negative terminal, install one of those battery shut off terminals. Make sure that the ground wire is connected to the clamp side of the shut off terminal. When the car's parked, unscrew the knob to disconnect the battery from the car's electrical system, then plug your solar charger into the newly added lighter socket, leaving it on the dash.

That way, no keys are needed, and the battery will keep its charge longer, since the charger won't be fighting any parasitic drains that may appear over the next few years, like they typically do on redblock cars.
Definitely this. Don't get your car stolen! Insurance usually doesn't cover theft if key was in the ignition, either.
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Navigating the Siskiyous in a 3 wheeled Volvo will not end well.
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