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Abnormally high current is pretty likely, when the grease has been collecting dirt and drying out for several decades. If they were manual windows, you'd be noticing how hard it is to wind them up and down, and you'd be astonished how much better they work after you disassemble everything inside the door, clean the regulator, rollers, sliders... re-grease it, and holy cow it behaves like new again.

That poor little motor has a heck of a job to do. Not only that, I wouldn't be surprised if the motor armature, itself, is sluggish as well. I've not (yet) disassembled one from a Volvo window, but I've seen phenomenal improvement on every other old motor I've cleaned, so I have no reason to believe this would be any different.

I'd bet your current measurements drop in half, after doing this.
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