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I have an old Chilton Labor Estimating Guide that says it's 3.5 hours to R&I (remove and install) the rear axle assembly on a 240/260. What it doesn't say is that 3.5 hours doesn't include R&I parking brakes/cables or calipers/rotors. The parking brake shoes are 1.7 hours and the cables are 2.9 but you only need to remove one side so figure , 1.5 hours. The calipers are another 1.3 hours (including bleeding) and the rotors come right off so we'll throw those in. That still adds up to 8 hours so 7 hours isn't ridiculous at all.

Typically those numbers are calculated based on an average mechanic with hand tools. A good mechanic with power tools can do the job quicker but expects to get paid book time regardless of how long it takes.
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