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Originally Posted by Toybox View Post
Actually, your assertions point to not the raising of multiple windows, but the allowing of multiple stall situations concurrently.

I have met people who would happily keep their finger on a button for long periods of time even if (or especially if) nothing appeared to be happening... but with your excellent grasp of motors and stall current, I wouldn't expect you to succumb to that urge. Not sure what I'm missing, but the classic doctor response comes to mind:

"Doc, it hurts when I do this."
"Well, don't do that."
Thanks Doc. You're not missing anything, you nailed the diagnosis in that concurrent stall conditions are causing circuit overload and this can be avoided by not doing that. I have the self-control not to blow the fuse, but it's my 3 kids that don't understand Ohm's Law and will require me to carry spare fuses.

Fortunately 240's have a window lock switch
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