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Exhaust sniffer on the coolant bottle / coolant strips? Spark plugs? Misses cold?

I've seen crack in the exhaust port on a bad over-heat way more or corroded on the block deck by now.
Won't necessarily pressurize the cooling system or overheat.
I haven't seen cracked into the oil on the Volvo SOHC Head. I'm sure it's possible...just I'd expect to see cracked into the exhaust port first.

The oil feed is in the middle and small and the drains are a long ways from the exhaust ports & the head is crazy tall/an oil lake. Other stuff fails first.

Lots I haven't seen...dye in the coolant and look in the exhaust port or sniff it?

Head original height or have some cam rattle like it overheated? Late heads are a lot more ductile/less prone to crack after 1990, but they also are more prone to cam rattle.

It's the chlorine and minerals in tap water that causes the corrosion...I use collected condensate off the the heat-pump water heater; already has aluminum/zync contact from the condenser, but no chlorine or minerals, really. Don't necessarily have to buy DI water would be nice if all engines were that clean, but once they're used the dust isn't going to decide it.

It's all a long winded way of saying, humid swamp DC/MD climate and cooler weather & car sits (outside a bit?); I think the PCV & oil cap milk (or sneeze?) is a red herring, but what do I know?
All I know is if they don't get highway driven and sit hardly at all in that climate over the warm swampy ground in the fall with the cooler air on a tractor engine with hot/cold spots with the late style no thru-breathing crankcase vent, it's real easy to see that milk/sneeze from the crankcase vent & under the oil cap that looks a little gross & doesn't really go away?
If it was in a super dry roofed structure in AZ or even drier and there was milk while driving it *at all*, I'd weight that heavier.

Or maybe you'll catch a break & it's just the heater core got borked by the corrosion or valve or water pump hat seal or weep hole or T-stat housing is super pitted and it's hard to see/running down the ledge along side the driver side of the head that overhangs? Dye and really look over that stuff just in case, the blind holes at the back just aren't *that* close to oil.
How PSI a stock can support?
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