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Originally Posted by culberro View Post
Oil cap snot is pretty common if the engine sat for a while, especially if in a humid area. It’ll usually clear up pretty quickly once the oil gets got and burns off the moisture.

Heads do leak from time to time into the oil drains. Pressure testing the head during a rebuild is a must to find these issues. You can also do a UV dye in the coolant and see if that comes up (like what Brian did on the CNC RSI head that was leaking, which was from an internal casting defect most likely).
Whats the easiest/best way to pressure test the head?

Car sat over the weekend with a pressure tester on the system, psi went from 7psi to around 5... not bad? Glad I didn't come into a gage reading 0. I proceeded to drive the car around 70 miles yesterday. Milky coolant from oil cap seems to be gone. Coolant level might have dropped a hair? Definitely did not empty the overflow.

Have been leaving the overflow pressure cap just barely snug.
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