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Any oil cooler setup on it that's connected to the cooling system? 940 oil/water setup or something like that? I've seen the in-tank coolers in the radiator leak on P80's, causing that slight mixing. Just throwing it out there.

Definitely curious what turns up...
Its a NA 92 m47 car, so no oil cooler, and no transcooler hooked up either. Its possible that some water could be going into the transcooler area in the radiator I suppose. Its a new radiator but that might not mean much now a days.

I had the transcooler fail on my 960 and let antifreeze go into the auto and roast it.

Car just passed emission so now I can beat on it and see if things stay stable.

I was letting er rip on the way to work after the inspection and coolant level seems to be fairly stable.
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