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My 2c, you don't have to use a tripod when it's dark, depending upon what's around and how resourceful you are. I took a few lovely shots of Wellington city (NZ) using my jacket to support the camera on a handrail for "long" 15 to 60 second exposures. Works well, the only criteria is no gradual movement as the fabric slowly deforms under the load, and no vibrations in the structure you're on. I often use the strap to rest the lense and base on to level it up or gain the right attitude to the world, folding it for more thickness, using the unpadded bit for less, etc. A small fabric bag full of rice is a good option with some control afforded. Here's a ground+strap photo of my 740 at my sister's wedding:

And earlier in the day framed for the tree:

And a few other random shots I quite liked, all taken with my GF1 with the big lense that doesn't have a very good fstop.

I should go to bed. And yes, I know some of them are a bit crap in various ways, but they're also kinda nice in other ways :-)

The maroon 740 wagon was for sale recently, I talked the seller out of selling it So I can buy it later when they redecide to sell it...
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