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Default 940 sunroof woes

Needless to say, what a frustrating problem to have. My 1994 945 has started leaking through the sunroof. My driver's side front and rear floor boards have gotten soaking wet. The car was pointing nose down in the driveway during the last rain. I've had all the doors open for days and hitting it with towels but it's still wet as could be.

Well, we have more rain coming so I decided to try and figure it out. I checked all the drains and the only one somewhat questionable is the front driver's side drain. I am getting pretty good flow through it when I pour water down, but it just isn't quite as smooth as the other drains. I ran weed eater line down it and couldn't get the line out the other side, but it did go to the bottom of the car I think. I also ran compressed air through at low psi.

Other things to note: I recently removed a wind deflector/sun shade thing the previous owner installed. At this time I notice my sunroof is missing the small factory flapper thing(and associated arms and bits) that pops up when sunroof goes back. Also, the front of the sunroof sits about 1/4" lower than flush, but I understand the sunroof isn't meant to seal anyways?

Any help or suggestions is appreciated.
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