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In preparation for the inspection finished up my 3d printed cover extenders and glued them in place with loctite 401, which worked well, although 403 would be better for the high heat application. It was a pretty tight fit, at the bottom a little trimming was needed, but it hasn't made any marks on the cover yet

Spent a tense couple of hours at the dutch DMV equivalent, and ended up going home with the new engine registered to the chassis. I got a few comments about the brakes being different and the suspension being altered, but after an inspection, they gave me the go ahead

Since my dad's hometown was along the road from the inspection location, I payed the place a little visit

In order to get an idea of how the car would do with some added boost I installed a simple narrowband gauge, to see if I was slightly in the ballpark, and not running out of fuel

I also discovered that one of my spare old NA computers had the daughterboard inside, so I added a buchka board to it for my wasted spark and put in the stage 1 tune I sell along with Cameron (Redblockpowered). Since I slightly bumped compression I ran the 95RON tune, with 98RON fuel for safety. Additionally I answered a question I had for myself, the OEM daugherboard equipped ECU's do not run without a chip installed, so in case of the chip failing, no accidental knock should occur

As an excuse to do a little endurance testing on the new chips and boost control I installed, me and my brother took part in the rally organized by our motorsports association, going all across the Netherlands, including Assen TT circuit

The 18T hybrid also got a new actuator bracket, ready to install after I get the 25 row oil cooler in, and find a conical 6cm3 housing for the TD04HL.

Also got my new favorite picture with the car, more to come!
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