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Given that my turbo engine has been reliably performing for a few months now, I decided it was time for the old beast to go. I freshened it up with new seals, timing and paint, and sold it to 2 local guys who are rallying their 142 across Europe, so its found a good home.

My oil cooler kit also arrived from Sweden, so I got that installed. It's a mocal unit with thermostat, which made me struggle a bit, as I lost my 1inch socket. Luckily the adjustable wrench worked well enough to get it tight.

Decided on getting the biggest unit they offered, a 25-row, such that I can open up a air path behind the license plate if I need to. No plates for trackdays, and then back to covered up for road use, to allow a bit of extra cooling for both the radiator and oil

With the new space created when I cut out some space for the intercooler, the hoses found this nice route

The bottom gets a lot of air flow from the air dam underneath, it cools well in this spot from what I could tell from the first km's with the setup, highway temps clearly dropped a bit on the oil temperature gauge.

I decided to go a bit overboard with the rubber isolation, since mocal only warrantees with plenty of support. I also ordered some nice hose separators, to keep the hoses from rubbing together and on other parts.

Some heat protective sleeve is also on its way for the hoses next to the downpipe as I am a bit worried about the heat in this area long term.
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