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Default 940 estate, van conversion or not?

Hi there peeps! First of all, if this is in the wrong section I apologise, seemed like the most relevant place.
I got myself a 940 estate at the weekend as a more practical replacement for my old bmw skidder. I'm a welder/fabricator by trade, just started out on my own playing with cars for a "job" and couldn't fit the welder in the bimmer!
The 940 is my new work vehicle/drift toy and at the mo is totally stock other than the 1 coil cut from each spring (1 at a time so the Mrs won't notice!).

At the mo, it doesn't scream "car builders work van" and this upsets me.

I'm currently converting a bmw e36 estate into a panel van for a customer and it got me thinking, why not panel the volvo!?

Here's a current look at the e36....

And my new whip.....

So, to van, or not to van? That is the question!

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