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Originally Posted by bixgomez View Post
I realize this is an old, old thread, but I thought I'd chime in since I am in the midst of removing my '90 245 headliner so that my body shop guy can seal up my old roof rack holes (long story).

I started at the rear, which was easy enough, but got as far as the spot just behind the rear doors, where there's a bit of a curve. I called a local Volvo mechanic to see if they could help. That guy informed me that, even if I can get the thing off, no way will I be able to get it back on, because they shrink over time -- and it's been 30 years!

So, I might need to get creative when the time comes to try to put something back on up there...

It is totally do-able. I've removed and installed 3 or 4 in my various 245's over the years, mostly to paint them black. Just take your time and it is pretty much self explanatory. You may have to slightly Ben's some of the ridge where the hard plastic fits into or kinda pry the pieces out but with a little patience you should be able to get a 245 headliner in or out without damaging anything. As far as it shrinking making it impossible to reinstall... Pffft. I have a speaker box and sub box underneath my headliner currently. It stretched the headliner, but nothing too crazy.
Good luck.
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