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Hey everyone,

There will be no Davis Volvo Meet in spring, 2021. With local government limits on park facility use, as well uncertainties as to the future of the pandemic, the event planning committee decided that it was not possible to organize the Meet for its usual last-weekend-in-April date. The planning committee intends to discuss the situation again in early 2021, and consider scheduling the Davis Meet for fall, 2021. The Davis Meet has been an annual west coast Volvo event since 1999.

I know we all miss it, but this is unfortunately outside our control. On the flip side, it gives us all time to get more projects done on our cars. What does that mean for you? No excuses to not show up when we finally get a show going! None, nadda, no chance, you have NO reason to not be ready. Period.
Im still gonna have an excuse when I show up in the 940 instead of the 142
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