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Originally Posted by mooseturb View Post
Have you considered using a thinner booster to obtain better clearance for the intake?

Could you post a picture from the side overlooking the booster and intake to show the minimal clearance there is now?

I'm interested since I am installing a b230ft upright in a 1800ES and planning on a thinner booster and would like to know how thin it needs to be. The body is on the rotisserie and I haven't got to engine install stage yet.
From a little earlier in the thread - this is what a B21F intake looks like with the engine upright. You can see where the booster mounts up right behind it

I don't think you will have any way of fitting any booster in the standard location if you go upright, not without a highly custom intake manifold. When I was looking at going upright I was exploring either a remote booster or a hydroboost setup.
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