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Things have been a little slow around here on the ES front but for good reason.

I got married in September with about 20 friends and family watching in a large grove on my client's property. Immediately went on our honeymoon for a week to the desert.

Came back, moved across town from our little cabin in the woods to our new house which is on a bluff overlooking the Monterey Bay and Capitola village.

I say new house, but it's old - really ****ing old. Oldest house in Capitola- it's so old my great great great grandfather and his friend moved the materials to build it by horse over the Santa Cruz mountains. It's been in my family 140 years now. We've been doing many improvements to it - we started by spending a few weeks ripping out the floors and painting inside.

Did some touch up on the outside. Now that's all done and we're moved in, so we are starting on to the big part - completely redoing the yard. We are getting a dog and every place we want to adopt from requires a 5 foot fence enclosing the property, so I've started on that. Also working on landscaping everything, ripping out stupid invasive ivy and building a firepit/outdoor cooking area. If I finish and have enough room left over, I might build myself a lil half pipe to skate on.

Most importantly, going to get to work soon on making the driveway solid and once that is done we are building a 1-car garage in the back corner of the property with a small grandma unit above it.

The F100 in that picture has also caused a slow down in ES progress. I picked it up in July and drove it maybe 50 miles over the course of the next 4 months, and despite it being cool looking and intact it bothered me that a lot of it was junk.. The electrical system was being really strange, the front end was sketchy [worn kingpins] and the brakes were pretty bad. Last week I completely rebuild whole front end on the truck including swapping to HD springs, adding a thick swaybar and swapping the front drums for a disc setup using GMC Safari AWD calipers and Dodge Ram 1500 rotors. The electrical issues were due to about a dozen different shorts I found in the melty dash and charging system wiring. I patched it up but eventually I'd like a whole new harness for it. Also rebuilt the Autolite 2100 carb and installed an HEI distributor and did some other maintenance. It's a great truck now.

I've poked and prodded the 1800 a couple times here and there. Picked up a Yoshifab modifed b21f intake from towery and it fits the slanted OHC engine in the 1800 bay like a glove, so I will be using it.

Probably going to finally modify the engine bracket next week so the engine will rest in it's hopefully final spot.
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