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I personally don't see or have had any issues swapping in between 2.3L 8v NA ezk bins along with any 2.3L 8v NA LH bins EGR or not and i have tried quite a few combinations long term. The load linearization maps are all the exact same. I cannot say the same for turbo or 16v bins. I have actually had the best experience/smoothness running the late B230FD computers with EGR patched out.

IME all the stock NA 2.3L ignition mappings aren't great. They all have the same issue of too little timing at both the load extremes and a wee bit too much right in the middle. And wayy too little in the low RPM area. but take that with large grain of salt, I am a tuning noob.

I am pretty sure I have all of the ones made except for the 162, 196, and 209 ezks.

140 - EGR

146 - non-EGR

169 - non-EGR

175 - non-EGR

231 - EGR
1991 244 LH2.4 M46 360k miles
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