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Mine (regular garden variety V8 5.0 Mustang T5) was OK with the 1 pc driveshaft. A little noisy, but not bad.

Then after shredding and ovalizing the torque rod bushings, I stuck some IPD adjustables on with poly bushings. And picked up some really bad vibrations. Mostly power on, mostly around (roughly) 3000 rpm. Like shaking the whole car. Not like something was out of balance, just BBBBRRRNRRREZZRZRZZRZR FUuuuuuuU!U!!!

I assumed I'd screwed up the u-joint angles and spent a month or two trying to 'fix' it. Rear of the trans up/down/in between. Careful measurement of the u-joint angles front and rear, setting the torque rod lengths to get that spot on. None of it seemed to make any difference. Thn out of frustration I set the adjustable torque rods full short. Really bad u-joint angles (in theory). No change. Set them about as long as safe. No change.

Then I got a set of crusty rusty old stock torque rods from a junkyard 240 and bolted them on. No vibration.

Dunno, I'm just assuming the B230 made vibrations, the T5 modified/amplified them, and the rear axle acted like a speaker for them when mounted using poly bushings? I certainly didn't fix any issue that would *cause* vibration by replacing snug poly bushings with slightly wiggly stock rubber, but it apparently changed the harmonics of the drivetrain as a whole.

After the LS swap, I was hearing some clunks from under there. Yep, shredded bushings and ovalized housings again. I threw the IPD arms back on and no real vibrations. Other than a sort of weird no-torque vibration at speeds 'well north' of 100 I've noticed. Smooth under power, smooth on engine braking, but at a 'neutral' throttle setting, vibration. not very comforting feeling, makes me think of Jared's new parts car with the broken driveshaft.
So this is interesting, I'm running the ipd poly arms also. Maybe I'll cut up a stock set to length and see what that does. I'm also on Ben's spherical bearings in the bottom of the axle.

I should add I'm on stock trans mount, and this isn't in the dash, its trans/shifter in that area. Engine mounts are the yoshifab ones everyone thought were too stiff (land rover?) but at idle and everywhere else it's great. Decel rattle is a whole different beast. I've got that in 4th gear in 2 cars and it is what it is, I've learned to ignore it.

The car is getting a new water pump right now, and I stole the slip yoke off of it for my 122. I'll get that stuff sorted and update with some more specifics when I can.
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Cool car. Smells period correct. Would follow through twisties again. A+

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