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One word, why? The amount of work involved in the swap outweighs the initial cost of the engine/trans package. Why start with a dinosaur engine and transmission? I've done a SBC/TH-400 swap back in 1989 before the LS engine even existed. It was fun and served its purpose. There is no way I would ever go to the trouble of putting another one in a 240 with all the modern engine choices that are available for cheap.
I'm making the supposition that the OP had the engine before the car?

It's definitely possible, but I can't think of anyone that sells SBC mounts for a 200-series, and I'm damn sure nobody makes trans mounts for a powerglide.

You're going to have to make a lot from scratch.
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Will you do $14.99 shipped?
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please no more prying things with screwdrivers and bashing things with hammers!
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