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jags that run used to sell a mount but it doesn't seem like their site is functioning. They were selling mounts up to a few months ago. Their mount is based on a universal crossmember engine mount that is rotated forward to clear the power steering rack.

A quick search finds this mount.... If you cut off the mount tubes (to old-school sbc mounts), rotated it forward and tacked them back in you could make the jtr mount work.

I have the jtr manual and would be more than happy to share the measurements with you. I went a different route and made my own mounts for the lt1 motor.

I know the engine you have is better (and cheaper) than the engine you don't, you can always mount your 283 and glide in the car, and if you decide to get a more potent sbc under the bonnet it'll be more or less a direct swap. I'm not aware of the difference in bellhousing to mount length from the powerglide to say a th400, but it's not rocket surgery to make and remake.
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