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Originally Posted by JohnMc View Post
You mean solar cells mounted on a car itself, powering it?

Because Elon is involved with home solar and battery storage.

And a car simply doesn't have enough surface area to generate enough electricity to make much of a difference. At least, not a big fat heavy fast thing like a Tesla. Sure, some people have made super lightweight EV's with fold-out panels or tiltable roof arrays, and they've managed to travel across sunny landscapes with them. But full Arizona summer sunlight and the top surface of a Tesla coated with solar cells - and it's still only going to be a tiny fraction of the power it needs to drive around.
For a 15’ x 6’ car (assuming you could use the windscreen as a solar cell too) you’d have about 13kW (with 100% efficient panels that do not actually exist yet or maybe ever), then you would have as much power as a 1.5L VW Rabbit Diesel running on 2 cylinders.
Originally Posted by 11110000 View Post
I didn't think there was anything to the whole 7/9 thing, but I have to say that my 745T is the only Volvo I've owned that blew up and self-immolated.
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