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Originally Posted by Swedbrick View Post
Theoretical benchrace budget let's say 2-3k including some Chevy volt batteries, or a DIY laptop battery pack.
Oh, that's not much of a budget. A LS swap is much more, and that's _just_ an engine swap.

Adding an e-Alternator seems like it might work, and would give better acceleration from standstill. What sort of Hybrids are showing up in your local salvage yards these days, and do any of them have anything somewhat bolt-on?

I haven't kept up with the production Hybrids -- it would be great if one of them (probably an AWD) had a usable electric motor built into the rear axle/differential that you might be able to use for a RWD Brick (still Hybrid).

Whatever you do, I'm guessing that you'll need a new aftermarket motor controller (think MegaSquirt for electric motors), unless someone knows of good tuning package and/or hacked production controller??? That's hundreds, or more, of your budget.
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