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Yup, that's correct for the fronts. Usually the fronts aren't too bad, but if you're doing them, do them both.

Pro tip on the rear's. Once you have the old ones out, the torque rods cleaned up, grease the crap out of the bushing, put it into a piston ring compressor, tighten it down as much as you can, then press it into the torque rod. The spring compressor helps compress it but it also helps guide it in straight. Sadly I figured this out on my third set or so of these (friends cars), and after launching a few greased up bushings across the shop. lol

Honestly, if you can keep the subframe straight, chances are the torque rods will hold up fine. I don't drift, but I also don't behave in mine and it has seen a LOT of 1/4 mile passes, including a good number with slicks, and they haven't had an issue, but I boxed the subframe up a long time ago. There's external plating, plus a cross brace internally, so chances of it moving are pretty damn small. lol
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