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Originally Posted by IansPlatinum View Post
That is strange... i'd reread art's guide again.

Maybe unplug the main pump too. put some long lead aligators on a volt meter, set to DC, and measure main pump voltage and then the tank pump voltage. You could have a tricky fuel pump relay? This is getting beyond my level of experience.

I'd just do that to completely cross out any chance of electrical issues. If you see a full 12.4-12.7 volts (also check your battery's resting terminal voltage), then you can probably cross off wiring. It'd be extra correct to do this test while the pump is actually plugged in though.

IDK about the main pump running with the fuses jumped though, I don't remember that happening when I did mine.

And you're certain you attached the ring terminals to the pump in the correct orientation too?
I'm going to read it now. The last post is edited with a picture.
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