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I'm not really sure why I'm beating myself up over this tachometer. Although I failed to mention it, you may notice in the road trip pictures that the tach is out of sight and out of mind. I didn't have the trim piece so I'd rather look at the blank square anyway. However, this one does not even work right.

You can view the details here, --> but the gauge only seemed to work randomly. If I was smart, I would just return it to the nice seller who offered a full refund, but I like to punish myself and I'm going to be sad when my trim piece finally arrives with nothing to fill the gauge hole. There isn't a lot of information on tachometer repair, let alone the small tach, but the 30 year-old capacitors seem to be a go-to fix in these situations...

Hopefully I fixed it. I reflowed a couple sketchy looking connections as well, so I'm anxious to find out if this did the trick!
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