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So for the suspension, i did all that work first. i wanted to make sure i liked the lifted volvo deal before i did anything else.

I ripped all the stock suspension out of the front of the car and went to town, i bought new control arms for it in the front and had them extended and did some light boxing. i put super pro bushings in it and made them greaseable. i extended the front arms the normal 2 inches, i had a fresh rebuilt zf rack that i used along with some 2000 ford focus inner tie rods which are about 3 inches longer, i trimmed them down and installed the rack and it fit and works perfectly. I also made adjustable endlinks for the car to keep the swaybar in its stock location. For shocks i used 740 bilstien tourings because they are about one inch longer, i extended the front tubes 2 inches so a one inch spacer was put in at the bottom of the strut. for the rear i used vanagon bilstien tourings. I got a set of brand new xj front springs for the rear and a new set of 240 diesel front springs from fcpeuro. for the rear i made the torque rods and panhard bar on car adjustable and made everything greaseable. i used johnny joints for the rear trailing arms and moved the axle back 3/4 of an inch. the wheels and tires are volvo geminis and im using general grabber 215/65r16s whish are 27 inches tall exactly. i went with the 16s because i didnt want the car to feel floaty on the road and it ended up working perfectly. the car drives like a bone stock 240 down the road. It has a bit of prerunner stance right now but i am going to address that once i get the engine and trans in to make sure it evens out!

stock vs lifted comparison

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Thank you very much everybody... i now feel sufficiently retarded and will go cry in the corner...

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