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And I picked up some special order WLN14SP nordlock washers (8, for 2 cars) today, a little spendy for a handful of washers, but a really good product in my personal experience. Can't hurt, can help a lot. There is enough extra thread, just, for them on the front end, and I think plenty on the back end inside the diff casting.

Also collected my new ring compressor, and results are as follows:

32mm hole ID in free form
29x30mm oval hole ID as tight as I could get it without fear of damaging the tool

Is the below the right type of ring compressor and if so, how much were you able to squeeze them down? Urethane is at approx room temperature in case that was a factor.

I'm not happy with the supplied pins, though, they're very heavy, so I'm going to bore them out nearly to the other end and press in a bolt guide at the drilled out end so they're hollow in the middle and under half the weight. Currently 764g for the pair, or 1.7lb in them! Not including the urethane. Too much.

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