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Default Warning lights and belt sounds/smells after new water pump

Edit: Car’s a ‘91 NA 244. B230F. Autotragic.

Put in a new water pump and radiator for the first time tonight. All went according to plan until I was getting ready to start the car and check for leaks.

First: My alternator tension screw crumbled during removal of the V belts. I didn’t think this would be an issue as I could just tension those belts by prying against the alternator, but I’m starting to think I might be wrong...

Second: I’m a total bonehead. I put the V belts on the drive pulley and tensioned them (by prying against the alternator) before starting and checking for leaks... but didn’t bolt the fan onto the drive pulley. When I started the car I heard a clang as the pulley hit the pavement (the belts slipped off). I also saw the battery light, brake failure, and parking brake lights. I’ve never seen these when starting before.

Third: I disconnected the battery (in hopes of clearing those lights) while I fixed my bonehead move. Put the drive pulley back on, installed the fan and fan shroud, and tensioned the V belts by prying against the alternator once again like a caveman. Reconnected the battery and was ready to give it a go.

When I started the car the three dash lights (battery, brake failure, and parking brake) were on once again and I immediately smelled burning rubber. I’m assuming this smell is belt-related. I turned the car off and confirmed that the V belts were taut, but could feel that the drive pulley was already warm to the touch.

I started the car again and heard a shriek/squeal sound that I assume to be belt(s) slipping, and smelled burning rubber once again.

At this point it was past midnight and I decided to take a break for the rest of the night.

Where did I go wrong? Is it likely that my belts are too tight or loose because I tensioned them like a fool? Did I somehow install the timing belt cover incorrectly and now it’s rubbing on something that I can’t see? Did I destroy my alternator bearings by overtightening?

Thanks in advance.

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