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Originally Posted by bobman360 View Post
Hey! First post here, I promise I've read a lot of stuff and searched around and can't seem to find a situation very similar. Car is an auto wagon with 205k. Recently it has started knocking really loud (afraid it is rodknock or similar mechanical problem) but only when in gear. It seems to have trouble staying running as well. I replaced the knock sensor as it was damaged but this has had no effect. Pulled the plugs and #4 has some white deposits. I also did a compression test which has to be the most confusing part yet.
Cyl 1. 160
Cyl 2. 180
Cyl 3. 112
Cyl 4. 110
I unplugged the maf while the car was running and it worsened the issue so I believe that eliminates the maf as a possible suspect? (Sorry if it's not called a maf, you know what I mean)
The car had some knocking and overheating issues last summer but I replaced the radiator and the cracked intake manifold gasket at that time and it seemed to solve the problem.

Always turn off the ignition prior to connecting/disconnecting a component such as MAF/AMM.

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