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Update. After reflowing all the solder joints, the speedometer has been working without crapping out for over two weeks.

However the odometer is still dead.

I opened it up and found that the 15 tooth gear had disintegrated. Ok, great. I ordered a new 15 tooth gear from FCP. (I had previously replaced the 25 tooth gear and it was fine.)

I replaced the 15 tooth gear and it worked for 1 mile then stopped.

I opened it up and found that the main odometer number gear and the trip odometer number gear seemed to be stuck. Perhaps there were some fragments of the 15 tooth gear somewhere in there. I blew it out with compressed air and the main number gear seems to move ok. But the trip odometer gear is a bit suspect. If I reset it, it sometimes works and sometimes is completely stuck. I am suspecting there is some alignment issue between the individual number gears of the trip odometer, but haven't figured out how to align them correctly yet.

The bigger problem is that while I can get both mileage gears to turn, when I assemble the gears with the motor board, they somehow jam up.

After putting the motor board in place, I try to turn the 15 tooth gear. You can just barely get to it with a skinny screw driver. But after installing the motor board, it won't turn. If I remove the motor board, everything turns, but after installing it, it's jammed.

What is causing the jam?

Maybe the replacement 15 tooth gear is taller than the original? (That appears to the case when viewing them side by side.)

Any other insights?
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