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It's been a successful day at the shop!

As I said I couldn't leave the blue, so I used a high performance remedy...

Printed some new nylon bushings for the throttle cable roller

The ugly PCB inlet work till I get a decent connection printed and installed...


After that I got everything buttoned up and started it up for the first time.

First start after complete rebuild:

First drive under own power after full warmup:

Took awhile for the hydrolifters to pump up, but then she sounded pretty good

Today's end result! Still going for that no obvious thrills look.

- 1987 244 (hand-me-down first car)
- 1990 744 (white with red leather)
- 1992 965 (green with tan leather)
- 1990 744 16v (pegleg drift can)
- 1992 480 (Renault disaster)

- 1989 745 16v
- 1991 744 (SE) 16v Turbo

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Try to recreate and see what happens, our crystall ball servers are currrently down.

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