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Originally Posted by okoye View Post
Any thoughts on respraying the car in the original colour

Edit: what did you use for the tensioner for the main belt?
When I re-re-paint the car, it'll only be in the original color. Thought about other colors, but there's merit in keeping the car looking original. When that'll happen, no idea!

EDIT: The original color of the car was already blue if that's what you're getting at. I just painted and installed an SE kit, it's not a true SE

The tensioner is from an Audi 80 VW Golf T4 Vento 1,6 1,9 D TD type thing. Drilled and tapped the head for a 10mm bolt and put a washer underneath to space it out.
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Originally Posted by nordmaschine View Post
Try to recreate and see what happens, our crystall ball servers are currrently down.

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