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Sorry for neglecting turbobricks. I've been too lazy to get on Imgur.

Over a week ago, the fuel pump mounts arrived.

...and from there we we were off to Michigan!

THIS is more like it! I'll take 24 mpg while cruising 75 mph with the AC on and a full of luggage!

Back home

Without skipping a beat, the old Vo was a definitely a highlight of our week long trip! Would we have liked an extra 20 hp or so through the hilly high speed highways of northern MI? For sure. The car struggled a bit through there. For as much interstate driving as we do, the power boost we've been wanting is starting look like a bigger priority. I know for a while, I mentioned wanting to do an NA 16V conversion, but I've scrapped that idea. It's a ton of work and money for such little reward. Plus, I'd be screwed if the engine puked it's belt for some reason.

Mild +T on LH2.4? That's not out of the question! I like that I could do that whole conversion in a weekend if I have all the parts ready to go. I'd worry for the lives of the 200k+ mile skinny rods and AW70, but I can't imagine a 15g, with a good intercooler, trans cooler, oil cooler, and soft driving habits being THAT rough on things.

I'm just babbling though, I still have to focus on the things that don't work like the rear dome light, heated seats, a door switch, and more body work. It's fun to dream though.
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