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Originally Posted by nordmaschine View Post
Any progress?

I'm looking at a BAU sitting on ma garage floor, too bad bellhousing isn't the same as Inline 5/6, so I'll have to cut and weld a Getrag...
Or use a welded quattro gearbox and maybe a flipped rear end? Those boxies have long 5 and 6 gear ratios!

Well, nothing much to be speak of, and as long as brownie is not driveable, i wont really touch it.
I did however source a working NA D24 from a 244, and an unknown condition D24T that sat for 15 years. I plan to slap together a D24TIC from these for mot funkyness. I may just install it now before the tdi, it goes to inspection at the end of the year anyway. This way i dont need to swap engines back and forth, and can continue to build the custom tdi bits in an other engine bay. Sad that i accidentally drilled through my finger...
1980 Brown 244 GL
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