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Originally Posted by nordmaschine View Post
Any progress?

I'm looking at a BAU sitting on ma garage floor, too bad bellhousing isn't the same as Inline 5/6, so I'll have to cut and weld a Getrag...
Have you tried bolting up the D24 type bellhousing from a M46/47/90 to that BAU? Are you sure it wouldn't work?

IIRC the inline 5/6 pattern is very close to the Audi V6/V8 pattern. Not identical, but I think there is perhaps only one bolt hole that doesn't align? Supposedly it is close enough to successfully use it, and people have done so. With 11 fasteners on these, using only 10 seems to be ok.

One time I sold a D24 M46 bellhousing to a guy who was searching for one to use it to put a 4.2L gas Audi V8 into a Miata with a T5 trans -- apparently that is a known successful combination. See more related discussion in this thread:

Not sure what you would have to do with flywheel and clutch setup since I believe the crankshaft depth in the bellhousing would probably not be the same even if the bell could bolt up. But that's a solvable problem, getting the engine and trans to mate is the big part. I guess clocking angle could be a factor too.

BAU motor, if you don't use it, maybe you can box it up and ship it to me. I'm trying to source one to put into my 2001 C5 Allroad. Found an AKN, AFB, and AKE all already here in the US with importers, but I would prefer to get hands on one of the later Bxx roller valvetrain versions.

OP, sorry for the thread discussion derail. Looking forward to seeing this project continue, lots of fun to watch so far!
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