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Originally Posted by Dirty Rick View Post
Power ground is a good engine ground you can't get much closer to the battery negative than the motor.
This is where I'm confused.

In this diagram -

There is a clear distinction between:
"Good Engine Ground" - where the MS unit is grounded via Pin22-23.
"Power Ground" - where the fuel pump is grounded and where the Wideband is grounded (that's the heatsink ground, the sensor is grounded at Pin20).

So "Engine Ground" and "Power Ground" must be different. Right?

I think they want the high current devices grounded far away from where the electronics are grounded.

So, if MS is grounded at the Engine via Pin22-23 and sensors are grounded to MS Pin20 (or alternatively at the Engine as well) then "Power Ground" for high current devices should be far away from the Engine?

Or am I completely wrong here?
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