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Originally Posted by Fast740fromSC View Post
So with the added confidence of beefing up my subframe I have completely roasted my t5 during some hooning. On my way home it wouldnít shift out of fifth (it was mostly highways home and 12ish, I decided to limp it home) and completely seized 200 yards from the house. Iím putting down 280/320 so instead of just putting another junkyard trans Iíd like to have this one rebuilt. Iíve been looking at promotion powertrain in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Iím in upstate SC. Iím not opposed to shipping for someone who will do a rebuild thatís going to hold up for a good while agains my shenanigans. Iím also going to try to keep it under $1k.
I stand by my theory of just buying two WC's from the JY.
Get yourself a jericho 4 speed. Because gear whine is badass.
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the only problem with that is what you define as cheap and fast
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The incest is implied.
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