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Glad to hear that you can use That makes it easier for anyone to order boards directly, instead of my needing to figure out customs and international shipping.

I was going to use KiCad, but I think we should try the online tools instead. I just setup an account at so we can share design files. I've never used either of these before, so I hope they work well and have a high quality library of PCB footprints. It will be a learning experience.

My eyesight and nerves make surface mount assembly and rework challenging, but jlcpcb can do small volume SMT assembly with common parts. Are you OK with surface mount resistors/capacitors/diodes on the initial prototype boards? Probably 0805 and SOT-23 sizes (but I'll use bigger if jlcpcb has them in their common parts library). Or would you prefer all through hole so that you can assemble/modify it yourself?
I'm still looking at the pin assignments for the Arduino. I'd like to monitor these signals:
- EZK: Vbattery, RPM, ignition, load, temperature, idle switch, knock enrichment
- ECU: MAF, injection, VSS (vehicle speed), IAC (idle air - optional?)
- Other: wideband 02, MAP pressure

Anything else I should try to include?
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