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Originally Posted by Swedbrick View Post
Keep in mind that these spikes are a symtom of the high input impedance of your measurement device, and usually do not contain a lot of power. A simple capacitor or load resistor at the input could easily dissipate these energies before they reach your microcontroller
Yes, spikes on signals are mainly due to the cross talk, more a signal has a high impedance and more noise it captures. (That's why O2 is the noisest)
I used resistors much greather than yours because I thought that the interface must work like a multimeter and avoid to increase the load on the signal under measure since it could affect also the readings from the ECU and become cause of malfunctions.
It seems instead that for this application it is not so mandatory, and indeed, if I forget for a moment the signal of the injectors, only a couple of fast diodes is adeguate to filter the spikes of all other digital signal.
I believe I could simplify a lot the circuit with your tips.

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