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Default 940 problems with lazy start

Hello, this is my first post here;) but I am driving my 940 for a while already.
I've tried quite a few tips to solve my problem but with no luck. I am struggling with a very lazy start, it has really no power until 2500-3000 rpms, then the turbo kick in and it begins pushing me into my seat.
I compared it to other 940s mine is the laziest... even comparing it to stock ones... I'm sad :(

My setup:
- B230FB
- 531 head
- Vx3 cam
- 16T turbo
- 465ccm green injectors from S60
- custom fuel pressure regulator with 3.8bar
- walbro 255 fuel pump
- original spark plugs
- AW71 gearbox with accu mod
- rear axle gear ratio 3.73
- 3 exhaust no cat

It is really slow at the beginning - comparing it to stock B230FT or even stock B200FT. It is so slow it is impossible to do burnout which is very likely to happen on B230FT.
What could be wrong? Any tips appreciated.

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