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Default What My B23FT and T-5Z cost to install

When I first decided to install a B23FT and T-5Z trans in my car, I said that when I was finished I would report the costs. I know that costs vary across Brickdom but I think the costs listed are close enough to give someone an idea what a project like this is going to run. I did all of the work myself except for the machine work. I figure that I have at least 30-40 hrs invested in this project. Related pics and explanations can be found at

1. B23ft builder-salvage yard $350
2. T-5z Ford Motorsport trans-used 450
3. 1 pc driveshaft, new u-joints 120
4. Dual spring P/P, Clutch-Clutchnet 375
5. Adapter-Vintage performance 275
6. Machine shop-sleeve eng-bal-misc 600
7. New Pistons-gaskets-bearings 250
8. Belts,hoses,mounts 75
9. Cap,rotor,plugs,wires 65
total $2570

And yes, I am very pleased and feel that the price is totally worth it. Mechanically, this car is much better than new. With the cars that were around in the early eighties, if these cars had come from the factory like this, they would have been performance legends.

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