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Default Clutch info

Originally Posted by The Aspirator
What sorta clutch did you opt for? The one I need for my Getrag swap is like $195, so does that mean that your dual spring pressure plate (I'm assuming all brand new?) was only about $180? Da's not bad at all. Did you do anything for the flywheel or just leave the Volvo one in there? If so, do you have the heavier 9" 740 one or the lighter 8.5" 240 one? (I think I got those right)

Nice combo, I'm glad you reported your pricing. It helps guys like me put things into perspective. I always track the price of everything I buy for my car, well except for oil and little stuff. It's just nice to know what you've put into it, and to keep a running list of everything you've done.


The clutch plate is a Fiber Carbon with the spring hub. It cost $140 and the dual spring p/p was $235. The flywheel is the 8.5" flat non-intercooled unit off my B21FT. It is lighter than the stepped flywheel of the intercooled cars, and with the clamping force of the dual spring p/p, the clutch package works great. I have the t-5z, which with its higher gears puts lots of strain on the clutch. The single spring plate would not hold when first installed. Clutchnet was righteous enough to replace the single with the dual spring p/p. The price for the p/p may be different because the price I originally paid was for a single spring p/p. Hope this info helps. Good Luck!

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