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Isn't there a connection between tcu and lh which times ignition under boost?
afaik the tcu only regulates the boost pressure and is able to allow more fuel to be injected as the exhaust gas temperatures are to high. it can also lower the boost and retard the timing if the temps to high. But I dont know if it also adjusts the timing under boost, it could be possible. I will study the documentations more.

today i drove to work 100 km

Reconnecting the map line didnt seem to make any difference yet. Maybe i should reset all the ecus by pulling the battery minus.

What I didn't mention in the beginning, was that I had troubles with heat soak. the car would run oke with oil temp of 80 deg C but as soon as I got in traffic, the oil temp would rise to 100 deg C and almost doesn't go down even when the traffics gone and the car has sufficient airflow to the radiator. I've came op with several solutions to fix this with no real effect. But saturday I've finished the ducting from the front of the bumper (its an 850 r front bumper so not original) to the front cros member. now the air going in the grill is forced to go trough the radiator, ic, ac, at cooler and steering cooler. This made a huge improvement as the temps were steady 80 deg C. On the way back I've got in light traffic and the oil would go to 90 deg C, but as soon as i started drinving it would drop rather quick to 80 deg C (oil temps in a sandwich plate)

So now I've got a steady 80 deg oil temp which helps alot and the car feels much more alive, but still max boost at 3200 rpm with a 16t which isn't what I'm looking for but its an improvement.

So for the next step I will order an mbc and check if that gives any changes.
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