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Sorry, I would have replied earlier but I was out testing my new tranny... hehehe...

Dave, The clutch works perfectly! I'm using the stock pressure plate (for now) with a carbon/organic disc supplied by JP.

My original plan was to have the front section shortened of my m46 driveshaft too, but once I noticed that all my U joints and center support bushing were shot I opted for the one piece. I jot my measurements from Doug (thanks) which were 66 3/8" center to center of the yokes and 3" diameter...
No rubbing whatsoever in the DL tunnel. I know Doug was having some problems with his scraping because his rearend was a little to one side before he adjusted his panhard rod.

1/4" thick plate steel welded to the bottom of the crossmember. Couldn't have been easier.

I'm using the stock ford tranny mount. Works great and helps keep the engine from rocking as much as it did with the stock tranny mount.
Move the crossmember to the farthest back setting and it all lines up perfectly!

I gotta say. the gear ratios on this tranny are absolutly perfect! (I have the 3.35 1st model)
and was a bit worried about the gearing being quite a bit higher than my M46, not a problem at all.

Oh! and the best part... hehe... The (super) short shifter!

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